MURUMURS with AURELIA THIERREE at the Theatre de Grasse- March 2012

Théatre de Grasse, 25 March 2012

Dancing Times

The intimate Théatre de Grasse presents a lively and varied programme throughout the year which always includes a good selection of small-scale dance and music-theatre performances. It was quite a scoop to be able to invite Aurélia Thierrée with her

Murmures des Murs, or simply Murmurs in English, recently presented on a world-wide tour, including a two-week season at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. Aurélia, and her brother James, started their professional lives as children cavorting through their parents ‘Cirque Imaginaire’ and both now have their own successful companies touring internationally. Devised and directed by her mother, Victoria Thierrée-Chaplin, Murmurs bears all the hallmarks of her fantasy-rich imagination. This is not really a dance performance, but Aurélia, like so many of the Chaplin family, can do most things, even tap dance with tea cups on her toes. As a modern-day Alice in Wonderland, curious and innocent, she wanders through abandoned rooms and buildings encountering an extraordinary assortment of humans, animals, and even monsters. Everything is magical and illusionary, walls disappear in a puff of smoke and a sheet of bubble wrap becomes a huge prehistoric monster intent on swallowing her. Above all, the performance was a timely reassurance that even with the simplest of means, but with skills and talent, theatre can be a magical and engrossing experience.